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Upcoming Gigs 2019

Friday March 15th
Hound Dog Taylor's Hand
V Vecker
Fraktal Phantom
Noel Kennon/Dave Abramson
The Blue Moon
712 NE 45th St
In Seattle's U-District
9:00  21+

​Friday April 19th
Sol Disk Presents Psychedelic Easter
Fraktal Phantom
The Blue Moon
712 NE 45th St
In Seattle's U-District
9:00  21+
From the 2017 EP release Live in the Studio
Sunday April 21,2019
The last two months have been eventful, and the music has been great. We did our first gig with our current bassist Kevin Crosby on March 15th. You may know him from his work with veteran of Frank Zappa's bands Ike Willis, and he has been touring extensively with Ike and other former Zappa members when he isn't working with us. The gig on March 15th was videotaped and then Sean, our guitar player, used the video of the show with added effects to create a short film with the theme of experiencing what it might be like to be abducted by UFOs. This is actually the precursor to the storyline of a film script that our drummer Jack has been working on. We can't tell you much more than this about the film itself, except that you can expect a healthy dose of rock and roll, psychedelia, and flying saucers - besides having a great story. You can see the entire short film of our gig here, or you can click on the YouTube link below to start with Part 1 of the playlist.

After Jack returned from performing with Nik Turner & Flame Tree at the North American Space Ritual festival in Austin at the end of March, we got to work on new material. Our most recent gig on April 19th for the Psychedelic Easter event in Seattle showcases some of that work and the direction we are taking. We actually have several new pieces, some incorporating spoken word, some more improvisational, and all of them rock and roll  - albeit with a lean toward jazz-rock and psychedelia. To watch the video footage of our gig at the Psychedelic Easter event last week, click here. To start with the first track, you can click on the YouTube link below. Enjoy, and Happy Easter!

Saturday March 2, 2019
Our next show is on Friday March 15th at the Blue Moon with Hound Dog Taylor's Hand, V Vecker and the duo of Noel Kennon and Dave Abramson. We will have Kevin Crosby playing bass with us. If you don't know, he has a history of playing with great musicians including Ike Willis and Napolean Murphy Brock who both worked closely with Frank Zappa for many years. He also helps organize some of the Zappa festivals locally and internationally, and is a member of the Z.E.R.O. Ensemble. Kevin adds a dimension to our music that is deep and intense, and we look forward to bringing that to the stage.

We will also be returning to the Blue Moon for the Psychedelic Easter festival on Friday April 19th. The lineup that evening also includes Corespondents and Moraine. More news on this soon!

In between these two dates, our drummer Jack and Moraine's guitar player Dennis Rea will be traveling to Austin at the end of March to perform at the North American Space Ritual festival. They will be playing with their long-time project Flame Tree with legendary UK saxophonist Nik Turner.

Tuesday September 25, 2018
The Psychedelic Autumn Equinox Festival on September 14-15, presented by Jack's own Sol Disk label, went really well. The audience on both nights was amazing and all of the bands that played were in top form. It was a particularly rare treat to have veterans Ghidra and WAH on the same bill. 

KPTZ Port Townsend DJ Mike Pollack did an excellent 90-minute preview of the festival that featured music by all of the bands that performed. To stream or download his show from the Progzilla web site, please click here.

Wednesday September 12, 2018
In August we announced that Cary Kindberg has left the band. Replacing him on bass and vocals for the next gig is Dave McClelland. This will be at the Psychedelic Autumn Equinox Festival on Friday September 14th at the Blue Moon in Seattle. 

Thursday March 29, 2018
Our next show coming up is going to be with Tokyo prog/math rockers Loolowningen & The Far East Idiots on May 3rd at Lo-Fi in Seattle's Eastlake area.That will be raucous and mind bending without end! We do still have discounted tickets available to our show with Uli Jon Roth on June 16th. He will be doing an extended set of '70s-era Scorpions and Electric Sun material as well as an afternoon one-hour acoustic set for VIP pass holders. Please contact us directly for tickets at the discounted price.

We had a great gig at Psychedelic Equinox on March 23rd. Despite the weather and people fighting colds, it was a really good turnout and people had a great time. We recorded our set, and the video and audio quality are VG+! You can watch the entire show here, or view the first part starting with our tune "Eta Carinae" below.

Sunday January 28, 2018
Our next show, as things stand right now, isn't until March 23rd. That one is at the Blue Moon in Seattle's University District. We are sharing the bill with Spacebag and Nosretep once again. We always have a great time playing with Nosretep, and this promises to be as raucous and psychedelic as our last outing. Spacebag is headlining, and they will definitely send the night over the edge!

We have video and professionally recorded audio of our entire set at the Substation on January 17th. This set had a straight ahead progressive rock vibe, and it highlighted material from our recently released EP Live In The Studio as well as a previously unrecorded track. Don't worry, there is still plenty of psych to go around! You can watch  the entire playlist here, or the individual videos starting with our tune "Day and Night" below. Enjoy!

Friday January 5, 2018
Our first shows of 2018 have been scheduled, the first one January 17th at The Substation in Seattle's lower Ballard area. The venue, owned by Dave West, has an active scene attached to it, with some of the top players in the region going in and out of the place to rehearsals, studio sessions and live gigs. 

Also currently on the books are two big shows in June. We are playing at Downstream Festival on June 1st, and opening for the great Uli Jon Roth on June 16th. Starting as a teenager, Uli Roth played guitar with the Scorpions recording five albums with them, then he founded the progressive rock band Electric Sun. His sound influenced many guitar players of future generations including Eddie Van Halen. We have a limited number of advanced tickets available for $20 with no added fees. Please contact us directly, and you can buy more than one if you would like!

We had the privilege of opening for legendary Hawkwind and Inner City Unit saxophonist Nik Turner in October. This was not long after Jack, our drummer, returned from playing with him in the UK with the band Flame Tree. Nik, who was touring with Bay Area prog rockers Hedersleben led by UK Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt, sat in with us for our first tune "Eta Carinae".  Here it is captured in fine quality video and sound.